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Every culture since the beginning of time has used this medium to express their environment. Ceramic Tile adds color and design to transform your room to reflect your personal style. Value is a bonus. Malisani Inc is a unique and rare tile company due to the fact we not only sell the tile but we install it ourselves. We do not subcontract our labor which enables us to ensure a quality product according to industry standards from the beginning to the end. We also sell a wide range of tile from many manufactures and provide tools of those who choose to do it themselves.

Types of Tile

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Mosaic
  • Quarry


Tile Finishes

  • Glazed
    • Coated with liquid glass baked into surface
  • Full-Bodied
    • The color and pattern extends throughout the tile
  • Unglazed



Field Tile


Accent Tile


Decorative Tile


Tile Classes

  • Field Tile
    • Makes up the bulk of a tile application
    • Generally in neutral colors
    • Most cost effective
  • Accent
    • Color accent tile similar to the field tile
    • Often bright, contrast colors
    • Best design value
  • Decorative
    • Provides color and combines material
    • Usually 3-4 times the price of field tile
  • Trim
    • Corners and bullnose to provide a polished look
    • Used for floor and wall transitions


Tile Applications 

  •   Walls
  •   Floors
  •   Backsplashes
  •   Countertops
  •   Patios
  •   Fireplaces
  •   Pool Linings


Shade Variations

  • Low-Consistent color within each tile and from tile to tile
  • Medium-Color variation within each tile
  • High-Some variation from tile to tile and within each tile
  • Random-Considerable variation from tile to tile; could be possibly two different colors


Slip Resistance

  • Class 0     
    • Wall tile only
    • Not recommended for floors
    • Example:  Glass tile
  • Class 1/2
    • Residential Floor tile
    • Soft-soled footwear
    • Aesthetic detailing is prime consideration
    • Formal entryway or master bedroom
    • Example:  Highly polished tile
  • Class 3
    • Residential or light commercial
    • Normal footwear and can withstand some dirt
    • Kitchen and mud rooms
    • Example:  Glazed porcelain tile
  • Class 4
    • Residential or commercial
    • Can with stand considerable traffic and dirt
    • Commercial entryway and kitchen
    • Example:  Quarry tile/Full-body tile


Grout Width

  • Varies from each different type of tile


Grout Types

  • Sanded
    • Used with a grout joint of equal or more than 1/8”
    • Used with most ceramic tile
  • Unsanded
    • Used with a grout joint width of less than 1/8”
    • Used on natural polished stone
  • Epoxy
    • Wet areas
    • Stain resistant
    • Recommended for tubs, showers and pools


  • Routine
    • Use non-abrasive all-purpose water based cleaner
    • An environment friendly all-purpose cleaner:
      • 4 tablespoons baking soda
      • 1 quart warm water
    • Never use ammonia, it will discolor grout
    • Do not use bleach for routine cleaning


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MALISANI Inc is a registered, accredited, and bonded contractor. Malisani Inc has been in business for seventy five years, with craftsmanship behind our start right-finish right philosophy. We are one of the few companies that install what we sell ensuring quality assurance according to industry standards from the beginning to the end. For three generations the craftsmen of MALISANI Inc have produced some of the finest granite, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, and tile work in Montana. We are looking forward to providing you with our expertise and customer service for your next project.

Our state of the art fabrication facilities allows us to cut, shape, and polish all types of stone, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, or other natural stone, into any form including countertops, monuments, benches or signs. We have the tools and stone masons to make almost any product from stone. As enduring as the pyramids and grand as the Coliseum, natural stone can make your bathroom, kitchen, or any other space classic.

The ancient art of terrazzo is alive and well at MALISANI Inc.  Terrazzo is considered the ultimate flooring system and design medium, and our craftsmen have been creating and servicing this enduring surface for over 75 years. Recent developments with exotic aggregates and colored epoxies have made this LEED certified surface the newest old thing in surfaces.

Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Tile can help you personalize your home with its rainbow of colors and multitude of sizes. It makes self expression a snap with low-maintenance as an added bonus. The fact that there have never been so many products available makes this a very exciting time, and you can rest assured that MALISANI’s experience and knowledge will make every installation fantastic.

Quartz Surfaces
The hottest new surface for countertops is Quartz, and the hottest quartz is Cambria. Cambria is the only quartz surface made in the USA, and that comes with a 10 year warrantee, and we are now fabricating this product through a partnership will Cambria. You can easily enhance your home with the warm, luxurious feeling of Quartz.

MALISANI Inc creates monuments that will reflect a legacy to remember with our custom artwork and designs. From the simple to the simply fantastic our memorials will help you to create a record for the ages. We custom manufacture Flat, Slants, Benches and Upright monuments from many colors of stone, and custom shapes or sizes are our specialty.

Donor Recognition
MALISANI Inc can help organizations plan and carry out the production of donor recognition products for fundraising projects. The contributors often see value in having a permanent sign of your appreciation displayed in a creative manner. Let us help you accomplish your fundraising goals with a creative twist.

We at MALISANI Inc pride ourselves on our materials knowledge and support. That is why we sell ancillary products for all of our major product lines. We have it all from ceramic tile accessories to sealers and care products for all kinds of stone and tile. We also carry a large selection of fabrication and installation tools.

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