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The company we now call Malisani Inc was started by Art Malisani who came to the United States from Ceressato, Italy in 1920 aboard the vessel America. He was only 18 years old but had already spent time in a concentration camp. He went to work as a stone mason and became a naturalized citizen in 1926.

1928 Art Malisani bought a tile and terrazzo business from the DeMarco family and started Malisani Tile and Terrazzo. With the help of his brothers Abele and Angelo he embarked on his American dream. Specializing in marble, terrazzo, and tile work. Many of the large public buildings in Montana including court houses, schools and dams still have surfaces that were completed by Art Malisani Tile & Terrazzo.

1935 he had a warehouse built at 1101 Eighth Avenue North. We are still at this location, though we have made a few additions. In 1959 an addition with a truck dock was added to assist in loading and unloading trucks.

1972 Malisani Tile & Terrazzo became Malisani Inc.. Upon the death of Art Malisani all of the company’s stock was purchased by his son Arthur John Malisani.

1974 Art Malisani Jr. begins work on the terrazzo flooring of the Great Falls Airport.

1978 Art Malisani Sr. built a showroom and office was added to the warehouse. During the 1970’s, some of the major jobs that were complete were Columbus Hospital (now Benefis Hospital), Great Falls Airport and CMR High School.

1980 Arthur John Malisani Jr. joined the firm full time, and more office space was added at 1101 8th Ave N. Another one of Art’s sons Anthony Malisani went to work full time in 1989. As the company grew more space was needed and a warehouse was built across the street from the existing complex at 808 11th Street North.

1993 Art Malisani was chosen as the Craftsman of the Year by the Great Falls Architectural Institute of America (AIA) for a stone and glass block shower. A major project was compass rose at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.

1994 Another warehouse was built at 800 11th Street North to accommodate the extra space need for granite fabrication. They became active members in the MIA ensuring quality workmanship and continuing education to keep up with evolving stone market.

1999 Malisani Inc was chosen as the Montana Small Business of the Year by Montana State University College of Business. Click here to read the article by the Great Falls Tribune

2001 Monuments and Memorial Division was launched/started. Art Malisani Jr. starts to design custom monuments.

2002 Arthur John Malisani was lost to cancer and his sons Art Jr. and Tony are continuing the tradition. MALISANI Inc who chosen to put in Missouri River design in the existing terrazzo which won them a honorary project by the Great Falls Architectural Association.

2004 A separate facility was built in the North Park Industrial park in Great Falls, Montana. This facility allowed us to expand into monument sales.

2006 Tony was selected to serve on the Marble Institute Accreditation Board setting the standards for the industry for stone installation. At the MIA Convention in Las Vegas, NV in November 2006, Tony will be part of the forum for “Installation of Granite Countertops”.

2007 Malisani Inc was awarded by the Marble Institute of America as an "Accredited Natural Stone Fabricator-Charter Member". Malisani was the sixth company in the United States to receive this honor.

2008 Malisani Inc partnered with Cambria USA to provide quartz countertops to their customers which is an exclusive to the Great Falls market.

2009 Malisani Inc earns the MCA Specialty Contractor of the Year and Great Falls Tribune Medium Business of the Year. the University of Tennessee included the St. Ann's Cathedral in the Recycling Stone Case Study. Malisani Inc fabricated the original alter to keep the historical facet of the restoration.

2010 Malisani Inc earns the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce Business of the Quarter. Malisani Inc was spotlighted in the January edition of Stone Business.

2014 Tony takes over as the 2014 Marble Institute of America (MIA) President from Jon Zanger, Walker-Zanger Tile.

2019 Tony was named Person of the Year by the Natural Stone Institute, formally Marble Institute of America.

Although the mix of goods and services has changed from time to time, we have always prided ourselves on having an extensive knowledge of our trade and the best trained most qualified workers.